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The correct sequence of anaerobic reactions in yeast is
(a) Glucose \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Pyruvate \overset{mitochondria}{\rightarrow} Ethanol + Carbon dioxide
(b) Glucose \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Pyruvate \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Lactic acid
(c) Glucose \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Pyruvate \overset{mitochondria}{\rightarrow} Lactic acid
(d) Glucose \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Pyruvate \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Ethanol + Carbon dioxide

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Anaerobic respiration occurs in the absence of oxygen. It is carried out by yeast and some bacteria.
Glucose breaks down into pyruvates in absence of oxygen. The reaction is as follows:
Glucose \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow}  Pyruvate \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Ethanol + Carbon dioxide
Glucose breaks down into ethanol, carbon dioxide

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