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Which of the following is most appropriate for aerobic respiration?
(a) Glucose \overset{mitochondria}{\rightarrow} Pyruvate \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} CO_{2} + H_{2}O + Energy
(b) Glucose \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Pyruvate \overset{mitochondria}{\rightarrow} CO_{2} + H_{2}O + Energy
(c) Glucose \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Pyruvate + Energy \overset{mitochondria}{\rightarrow} CO_{2} + H_{2}O
(d) Glucose \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Pyruvate + Energy  \overset{mitochondria}{\rightarrow} CO_{2} + H_{2}O + Energy

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Ans. (b)
Aerobic respiration uses oxygen for respiration. It takes place in the mitochondria. After glycolysis, pyruvate (from the cytoplasm) enters mitochondria and is oxidized in a series of reaction to form CO_{2}, H_{2}Oand ATP. The reaction is as follows:
Glucose \overset{cytoplasm}{\rightarrow} Pyruvate \overset{mitochondria}{\rightarrow} CO_{2} + H_{2}O + Energy


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