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Need solution for rd sharma maths class 12 chapter 24 vector or cross product Exercises Multiple choice questions question 5 maths textbook solution

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Answer: \overrightarrow{a}.\overrightarrow{b}=0

Given: \overrightarrow{a},\overrightarrow{b} represents the diagonals of a rhombus.

Hint: You must know about the properties of rhombus

Explanation: By properties of rhombus

              The diagonals of rhombus bisect each other

              \Rightarrow \overrightarrow{a}\perp \overrightarrow{b}

              And we know If the two vectors are perpendicular then their dot product is zero.

              Here \theta =90^{\circ}

                     \begin{aligned} &\because \vec{a} \cdot \vec{b}=|\vec{a}||\vec{b}| \cos \theta \\ &=|\vec{a}||\vec{b}| \cos 90^{\circ} \\ &=|\vec{a}| \vec{b} \mid \cdot 0 \\ &\vec{a} \vec{b}=0 \end{aligned}


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