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Provide solution for RD sharma maths class 12 chapter 24 Vector or cross product exercise Fill in the blanks question 5

Answers (1)

\vec{a}=\hat{i}+\hat{j}  &  \vec{b}=\hat{j}+\hat{k}

Hint: Use formula that vectors perpendicular to two vectors

\vec{a}  &  \vec{b} = \pm \left [ \frac{\vec{a} \times \vec{b}}{\left | \vec{a} \times \vec{b} \right |} \right ]

Thus, there will be '2' vectors of unit  length perpendicular to vectors

\vec{a}=\hat{i}+\hat{j}  &  \vec{b}=\hat{j}+\hat{k}

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