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Provide Solution for RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 17 Maxima and Minima Exercise Case Study Based Questions question 2 subquestion (iv)

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We first find the probability that an error is committed in processing given that Vinay processed the form   P\left(\frac{A}{E}\right)


\begin{aligned} P\left(\frac{A}{E}\right) &=\frac{P(A) \cdot P\left(\frac{E}{A}\right)}{p(A) \cdot p\left(\frac{E}{A}\right)+P(B) \cdot P\left(\frac{E}{B}\right)+P(C)-P\left(\frac{E}{C}\right)} \\ & \end{aligned}   

                =\frac{5}{\frac{5}{10} \times 0.06+\frac{2}{10} \times 0.44+\frac{3}{10} \times 0.03}

               \begin{aligned} &=\frac{5 \times 0.06}{5 \times 0.06+2 \times 0.04+3 \times 0.03} \\ & \end{aligned}

               =\frac{0.30}{0.30+0.08+0.19} \\

               =\frac{0.30}{0.47} \\


Probability form has an error but was not processed by Vinay,

\begin{aligned} &=1-\mathrm{P}\left(\frac{\mathrm{A}}{\mathrm{E}}\right) \\ & \end{aligned}

=1-\frac{30}{47} \\


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