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explain solution RD Sharma class 12 chapter 5 Determinants exercise Fill in the blanks question 4 maths

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Answer: K^{2}

Hint: Here, we use basic concept of singular matrix

Given: A and B non singular square matrix of order ‘n’

            Such that A = KB

Solution: Here, A and B are non singular

                And both are n order of singular matrix



                \left | A \right |=\left | K \right |\left | B \right |            (Let's take both side determinate)

                \left | A \right |=K^{n}\left | B \right |

                \frac{\left | A \right |}{\left |B \right |}=K^{n}                    [A and B are n\times n matrix]

So,           \frac{\left | A \right |}{\left |B \right |}=K^{n}

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