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Explain Solution R. D. Sharma Class 12 Chapter 4 Algebra of Matrices Exercise Multiple Choice Questions Question 37 maths Textbook Solution.

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Answer: B\times n

Given: if A and B are two matrices of order 3\times mand 3\times n respectively and m=n, then the order of 5A-2Bis 

Hint: you must know the subtraction of the matrices


Order of the matrix A=3\times m

Order of the matrix B=3\times n

Now we know in matrices;

Addition or subtraction is possible only if their orders are same

i.e. order of A must be equal to the order or B

\begin{aligned} &\Rightarrow 3 \times 3=3 \times n \\ &\Rightarrow 3 \times n=3 \times n \end{aligned}                         [Also m=n,is given]

Order of 5A-2B is also equal to 3\times n


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