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Please solve RD Sharma class 12 chapter 4 Algebra of Matrices exercise Fill in the blank question 1 maths textbook solution

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 (a,b) = (2,4)


 We know that, here, we use the basic multiplication rules of two matrixes


 A is order of a × 3 and B  is order of 3 × b order of matrix.


Here, we know that matrix multiplication is possible only if number of rows in second matrix are same number of columns in first matrix, i.e. order of 1st matrix is m X n and order of 2nd matrix is nXp.

And, the resultant matrix is order of m X p, I.e. number of rows=m and number of columns=p  


Here A is a × 3

B  is 3 × b

And, AB is 2 × 4

So, A  is 2 × 3

B  is 3 × 4

So, (a,b) = (2,4)

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