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Explain solution RD Sharma class 12 chapter 21 Differential Equation exercise Fill in the blank question 16 maths

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 xe^{\int R\, dy}=\int \left ( Se^{\int R\, dy} \right )dy+c


 Using the form

\frac{\mathrm{d} y}{\mathrm{d} x}+Py=Q


 \frac{\mathrm{d} y}{\mathrm{d} x}+Rx=S,

where R and S are functions of y.


Integrating factor of given differential equation is

IF=e^{\int R\, dy}

General solution is given by:

xe^{\int R\, dy}=\int (S\, e^{\int R \, dy})dy+c

So, the answer is

xe^{\int R\, dy}=\int \left ( Se^{\int R\, dy} \right )dy+c

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Gurleen Kaur

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