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Provide solution for RD Sharma maths Class 12 Chapter 21 Differential Equations Exercise Case Study Based Question (CSBQ) Question 2 Subquestion (i) textbook solution.

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Answer: option(b)  \frac{d P}{d t}=\frac{P R}{100}

Hint: Solve the problem by forming differential equation.

Given:  principal= p

Time= t

Rate of interest= r% per annum

Solution: We know,

 I=\frac{P R T}{100}

Where, I = rate of interest.

Interest = change in principal  w .r .t to time.

So we say,

\begin{aligned} &\frac{d}{d t}(P)=\frac{P R}{100} \\ &\therefore \frac{d P}{d t}=\frac{P R}{100} \end{aligned}

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